3D and animated digital print product

Revolutionary and patented technology by Lumenco that uses a unique algorithm and file process to enable digital presses to print exciting 3D effects and animation on roll-label stock.

First lenticular roll material

DYCYFER is a complete working system for lenticular digital printing.

Exclusive printing files

A unique algorithm to print 3D effects and animation in 4-color process.

HP Indigo fully compliant

Expands HP Indigo press capabilities adding value for customers.


The lenticular roll

DYCYFER provides great visual effects and is thin enough for labels and packaging.

A typical roll features a width of 12 - 24 inches, length of 3290 linear feet, an internal diameter of 3 inches and film thickness of 250μ. Compatible with many digital presses, it especially fits with HP Indigo Roll models.

  • Immediate quality results
  • Maximum use of investment
  • Simplified lenticular printing

Effective. Accurate. Innovative

Endless possibilities for the packaging and label market

DYCYFER in a working environment

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linear feet

inches wide up to 24

lens per inch

microns thickness

A dream of innovators in packaging

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